Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Specials!!

                      Scentsy Holiday Specials

I am offering two holiday specials!! With these specials, you can take care of a few people on your list!!!

Special #1  


                  5 gifts/6 Stocking Stuffers
              ($24 ea. / $5 ea.)
             Savings of $55

         2 Large Warmers
         2 Plug-Ins
        12 Bars
       6 Travel Tins
                                1 Buddy


      Special #2


                      7 Gifts
                      ($21.42 ea.)
                    Savings of $55

                   6 Plug-Ins
                  18 Bars
                  1 Buddy

Contact Me by email - if you are interested in this special!!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Need Help!!

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I joined Scentsy....I learned today that in order to earn your Shooting Star Enhancement Kit, you have to have $500 in sales in your first 15 days of membership.....I have already used up 4. I was waiting for my kit to get here, but according to the training video, you really need to start BEFORE your kit arrives.

I would really love the chance to kit my Shooting Star kit, so I  am offering a giveaway to help my Scentsy site gain exposure, and possibly hit my goal of $500 in sales by 11/24!!! So here it is ....

 Visit my site ..... and check out all the wonderful products that Scentsy has to offer!!! They have something for just about everyone on your Christmas list....and at every price point!!!  I especially love the Scentsy Buddies!!!

****Every person that places an order will be entered in to a drawing for a free Scentsy Buddy of their choice!!! ****

Starting tomorrow 11/15 .... I will start posting some great gift ideas!!! 

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Been A Long Time!

It's been a long time since I posted...been totally addicted to entering giveaways!! I have won some really nice prizes and I in once of my next posts, I am going to list what I have won, and where I have won them from!!

I wanted to talk about my new venture!! I have joined Scentsy!! I have heard so much about it online that I wanted to jump on the bandwagon. Funny thing is...I have only seen a catalog...I have seen the what people have written, and people really love the product. I figured I will give it a try. With the holidays coming up, I think its a good time to start. My kit will be here on monday, and I am really excited! Now I just need to come up with ideas on how to book some parties, and get people interested.

I also got a free website for three months is the link.....

its needs some work....but I am waiting for the kit so I can watch the start up DVD ... I have a couple ideas for specials so watch here for Scentsy specials!!! keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

One of the products that they carry are the Scentsy Buddys...I think they are sooo cute!! I did win won in a giveaway, but I havent received it yet. They come with their own little scent about them here.....

I think I need to order one of each! I can tell you that one of my "special offers" is definitely going to have to do with these adorable little guys!!!

~*~ Wish Me Luck! ~*~

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Finally Did It!!

   Yes, after 7 months...I got a job!!! I am working as a teacher's aide at a local Jr. High with some special needs 8th graders that have been "main streamed".  I only worked two days last week, but I absolutely love it. It's like being back in school because I have a schedule and change classes just like the students. I also have homework this weekend!!! The really great thing about the job is that I get all the holidays off, snow days, and the summer off!!!
   I really think that this is going to be a rewarding job. These kids each have individual needs, and this is going to fill the void that I have in my life right now. I am such a care taker, and now that I have an empty nest at home.....this is exactly what I needed.....
  The other part of the job that I am happy about is I am allowed to dress "comfortable". That means I get to be me.....I have always loved my hoodie, my leggings, my jeans ..... I have always had my own sense of style .... I have always been accused of dressing "young" for my age ... but I think that in this job it will make me more relatable to the kids that I need to reach!!!
   Can you tell I am excited???? After a long 7 months of disappointments, heartaches, and loss....I can't believe I have found a job where someone needs me as much as I need them!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Weekend!

Ok! so it's Wednesday already and I titled my post the weekend!! I have been running around like crazy the last couple of days...Not used to that! Most weeks I am home sitting on the couch! Yesterday I had to take Dakota to the vet so they could do a "blood curve". His sugar is still high, in the 500 range. He will have to go back in two weeks for another curve. He is still drinking water like crazy .... almost 3 gallons a day. Which I why I decided to write about the weekend.......well...actually Friday night.....
     Friday was pretty crappy here....rained off and on all day. It seemed like the dogs wanted to go out more than usual. So, Friday night around 9pm they wanted to go out again....Since it was wet and muddy, I thought I would hook them out, and wait for them on the porch. Like usual, Dakota started to pee right away....Daytona...forget it.....She had to walk around and around. So I started going..."Come on, baby...lets Pee...Come on, Baby, Pee....Come on, Baby!" and I kept saying it....All of a sudden I could hear to "streams of pee" .... Dakota was going, but Daytona wasn't. So, I started to look around....and there was some guy next door, peeing next to a car that was parked in the driveway.....I WANTED TO DIE!!!! I was so embarrassed!!! So, I started saying "Come on, Daytona, let's go, let's go pee!!" At that point, I just wanted her to hurry up so I could run back in the house!!!!!!
          The thing I want to know is....why was this man going outside??? Hello!!! this is the city!! this is 2010 we have indoor plumbing!!!! I can tell you one thing .....From now on, I will not be calling Daytona "Baby" when I put her outside to do her "business"!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bags! Bags! Bags!

  One of my obsessions is bags...purses...pocketbooks...handbags whatever you want to call them!!! I love, love, love them!! Big or small I love them all!!! I couldn't begin to tell you how many I have. My husband can't understand why I have or need so many.....My current is love is with Coach......
  My love for Coach had always been off and on for last couple of years. I started small with a little wristlet, and then two wristlets, and then three. I always feel the need to match what I am wearing. Then I saw a beautiful wristlet that had pansies on it...which was my grandmother's favorite, I had to have that! A couple of years later my husband and I were taking my son back to college at Brockport, and we passed the Waterloo Outlets....hello Coach Factory Store!!! So we stopped on our way back! This was my first visit to a Coach Factory Store..I was in there forever! My husband said he would buy me ONE for my birthday...ONE?? how could I chose ONE?? After about 45 minutes I made my decision, made my purchase, and left with TWO!!!!!
    But now I am really in love ..... My current love affair started at the beach .... Rehoboth Beach....My family went on vacation to Ocean City, MD this summer. It was rainy one day, so my boys and I took a drive to the outlets in Rehoboth, and I, of course went to Coach. I was in heaven. It was like seeing an old lover. My heart was racing....It was the biggest store that I had been in. I thought my boys would kill me!!! I finally decided on a small white & silver bag and a small Poppy Kaldeiscope bag.
    Once we returned home my affair didn't stop.....and it's a true affair because my husband had no idea of my idea of what I am buying....or what I am spending!!!! I started looking at Coach bags on Ebay.....I found an adorable metallic gold wristlet. Since I love all things bling ... I bid on it and won! Then I discovered Large Wristlets ..... they were perfect!!! Just the right size to carry my cards, cash, lip gloss, and my I started looking at those...I won a really cute on that was white with black flowers all over it and trimmed in gunmetal metallic. I liked winning them on Ebay because I was able to get them at half the retail price!! I was so in love, I decided to consumate my relationship and go to the retail store....I had always walked past....but never walked in....never wanted to break the seal.....Now, I was ready. I will never forget the day......It was July 24, 2010. I took a deep breath, and walked in. I did it. I walked around and lightly touched the various bags. I even picked up the ones that were $498!! I made my decision on which bag was going to be my first retail purchase ..... It was a Poppy Pop C large is so colorful...pinks, purples, white, trimmed in metallic gold, with a Poppy patch on the front. The salesgirl wrapped in Coach tissue paper, and put it in a Coach Poppy bag...I even got a sample of Coach's Poppy Perfume!! I walked out of the store .....A Coach Retail Store virgin no more!!!!
          ****since the initial purchase on vacation I have purchased a total of 9 coach bags....I am currently attending "Coach-aholics". Coach is not taking the break-up very well...keeps sending me emails ..... "I miss you! here's 25% off" ....Please come back! 20% off"...."Look at These New Styles"....I'm trying to be strong!!!!!****

Friday, October 1, 2010

How to Look & Act In Your 40's

 I really want to get into blogging so I have been spending a lot of time online reading blogs and trying to get some ideas. I came across a great group of "Over 40 Bloggers". They are headed up by a woman called Java who has a blog called "Never Growing Old". It really is a great blog...I suggest you check it out.....
  So here I go again feeling so "misplaced"....I dont know why I cant just feel comfortable with who I am!! Ok, so I am 45 years old. I dont feel 45. I know I dont look 45...I dont act 45...but, really what does it mean to act 45??? Is there a handbook or instructions some where that tell you how you need to act & look when you are in your 40's? And, if there is....who wrote it??? Why is it that if I wanna go out wearing low rise skinny jeans, Ugg boots, and a hoodie,  people look at me and say that I am dressed too young, I must have raided my daughter's closet, I'm having a midlife crisis ....blah, blah, blah, blah.
Maybe I just like those things!!! Can't I like those things? I once had a boss tell me that "Grandma's don't wear hoodies".....Oh, really??? Oh so because I am a grandmother, I should have traded my hoodies in for cardigan sweaters, my Uggs in for orthopedic shoes, and my jeans in for some polyester pants???  Maybe I should shove some Kleenex up my sleeve too. And hey! while I'm at it, maybe I can throw an apron on when I pop those TV dinners in the microwave!!! Who writes these rules? I can't even watch "What Not To Wear" with Stacy London because she says that you can't wear a mini skirt after a certain age. I get so upset. What?? Why can't I? I'm 5'2"...My legs are my best feature. I do wear denim mini skirts....not ones that just cover my ass, I would say they go mid thigh, but if I wore a skirt that went to my knee, it would look ridiculous......I also suspect that somewhere in that instruction manual on "How to Look & Act in Your 40's" it says something about "no piercings".  Yup...did that too!! While on vacation this summer my boys bet me that I didn't have the guts to get my nose pierced....they lost!!! You know what? I love it....Its a small little diamond stud in the crease of my nose....I think it's cute, and I love it!!!

So if the book "How to Look & Act in Your 40's" exists .... someone better let me know where to get it because this Skinny Jean, Hoodie, Ugg wearing, nose pierced 45 year-old grandma needs a copy........there might be some more rules that need to be broken!!!!