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   I love Fashion!!  I love to Shop!! The one thing that drives me crazy is when people say....you're over forty and you can't wear this or you can't wear that!!! You know what? I like to wear what makes me feel comfortable!!! Just because you reach a certain age, doesn't mean that you have to dress a certain way!!!

I subscribe to all the Fashion magazines ..... Marie Claire, Glamour, Harper Bazaar, Lucky, In Style, and People Style Watch. I love to see what is in style, and what people are wearing. I wish that I was younger so that I could go to school, and get a job in the fashion industry......

The one hot item right now is leggings ..... the funny thing is, I have been wearing them for years!!! The reason why I have always loved them is because obviously they are comfortable.  The second reason is because you can dress them up or down. I have always had a least 4 pair of black leggings in my wardrobe at all times!!!  The third reason is because my legs are my best feature!! After having 4 children, I don't have the flattest tummy. With leggings, and a tunic top, you didn't see my tummy, all you saw were my skinny legs. People always assumed that I weighed less than I actually did!!!!

If you haven't tried a pair of leggings .... I really suggest that you do! Pair them with an over sized sweater, and a pair of boots and you are good to go!!!

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