Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bags! Bags! Bags!

  One of my obsessions is bags...purses...pocketbooks...handbags whatever you want to call them!!! I love, love, love them!! Big or small I love them all!!! I couldn't begin to tell you how many I have. My husband can't understand why I have or need so many.....My current is love is with Coach......
  My love for Coach had always been off and on for last couple of years. I started small with a little wristlet, and then two wristlets, and then three. I always feel the need to match what I am wearing. Then I saw a beautiful wristlet that had pansies on it...which was my grandmother's favorite, I had to have that! A couple of years later my husband and I were taking my son back to college at Brockport, and we passed the Waterloo Outlets....hello Coach Factory Store!!! So we stopped on our way back! This was my first visit to a Coach Factory Store..I was in there forever! My husband said he would buy me ONE for my birthday...ONE?? how could I chose ONE?? After about 45 minutes I made my decision, made my purchase, and left with TWO!!!!!
    But now I am really in love ..... My current love affair started at the beach .... Rehoboth Beach....My family went on vacation to Ocean City, MD this summer. It was rainy one day, so my boys and I took a drive to the outlets in Rehoboth, and I, of course went to Coach. I was in heaven. It was like seeing an old lover. My heart was racing....It was the biggest store that I had been in. I thought my boys would kill me!!! I finally decided on a small white & silver bag and a small Poppy Kaldeiscope bag.
    Once we returned home my affair didn't stop.....and it's a true affair because my husband had no idea of my idea of what I am buying....or what I am spending!!!! I started looking at Coach bags on Ebay.....I found an adorable metallic gold wristlet. Since I love all things bling ... I bid on it and won! Then I discovered Large Wristlets ..... they were perfect!!! Just the right size to carry my cards, cash, lip gloss, and my I started looking at those...I won a really cute on that was white with black flowers all over it and trimmed in gunmetal metallic. I liked winning them on Ebay because I was able to get them at half the retail price!! I was so in love, I decided to consumate my relationship and go to the retail store....I had always walked past....but never walked in....never wanted to break the seal.....Now, I was ready. I will never forget the day......It was July 24, 2010. I took a deep breath, and walked in. I did it. I walked around and lightly touched the various bags. I even picked up the ones that were $498!! I made my decision on which bag was going to be my first retail purchase ..... It was a Poppy Pop C large is so colorful...pinks, purples, white, trimmed in metallic gold, with a Poppy patch on the front. The salesgirl wrapped in Coach tissue paper, and put it in a Coach Poppy bag...I even got a sample of Coach's Poppy Perfume!! I walked out of the store .....A Coach Retail Store virgin no more!!!!
          ****since the initial purchase on vacation I have purchased a total of 9 coach bags....I am currently attending "Coach-aholics". Coach is not taking the break-up very well...keeps sending me emails ..... "I miss you! here's 25% off" ....Please come back! 20% off"...."Look at These New Styles"....I'm trying to be strong!!!!!****


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  3. Hi Sherry,

    Ahhh, Coach! Have you been to the Coach outlet in Lake George? They have some really decent sales there where they don't just mark the merch up 50% and then turn around and mark it down 20%. When they're having a sale, it's even on already marked down prices.

    I've bought my daughter several Coach bags over the years, and never had my own until this past Mother's Day when she very sweetly returned the favor. Now, I have a hard time staying out of there! Maybe there's a "Coach rehab" we could check ourselves into! LOL

    Your blog looks great! Stop on by for a visit anytime! Peace and Blessings,

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