~*~ Daytona and Dakota ~*~

          Daytona & Dakota are my 4 year old Lab/Brittney mix babies....we adopted them from a shelter in Feb. 06 after Brittany, our Beagle/Brittney mix who we had for 12 years passed away. They are brother and sister from the same litter.
        They are very spoiled....if you were ever to stop at our house at night you would see the three of us sitting on the couch .... Daytona, Dakota, and myself!!! My husband, Todd, sits on the floor. They sleep in our king sized bed with us! They even have their own blankets & pillows! Dakota loves blankets & pillows of any kind!!
      Last week we went thru the roughest week of our life since we adopted them. Dakota got very sick, and spent the weekend vomitting off and on. He would not eat, and was very weak. I tried to reach the vet, but he was not available. We were finally able to reach the vet on Monday. Dakota was diagnosed with Diabetes. He was really sick and the vet was not sure if he would make it thru the night. I was devastated and blamed myself for not recognizing the signs. He was given fluids and medication, and did make it. He was in the hospital for three days. He is now on Insulin twice a day. We have changed his food to Hill's Science Diet, and I read labels on everything else that I give him. I never realized the sugar in dog food & treats!!! Since Daytona is from the same litter, and Diabetes is genetic...we have her on the same diet. I will continue to blog about Dakota's progress....and of course our life with a diabetic dog!