Saturday, November 13, 2010

Been A Long Time!

It's been a long time since I posted...been totally addicted to entering giveaways!! I have won some really nice prizes and I in once of my next posts, I am going to list what I have won, and where I have won them from!!

I wanted to talk about my new venture!! I have joined Scentsy!! I have heard so much about it online that I wanted to jump on the bandwagon. Funny thing is...I have only seen a catalog...I have seen the what people have written, and people really love the product. I figured I will give it a try. With the holidays coming up, I think its a good time to start. My kit will be here on monday, and I am really excited! Now I just need to come up with ideas on how to book some parties, and get people interested.

I also got a free website for three months is the link.....

its needs some work....but I am waiting for the kit so I can watch the start up DVD ... I have a couple ideas for specials so watch here for Scentsy specials!!! keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

One of the products that they carry are the Scentsy Buddys...I think they are sooo cute!! I did win won in a giveaway, but I havent received it yet. They come with their own little scent about them here.....

I think I need to order one of each! I can tell you that one of my "special offers" is definitely going to have to do with these adorable little guys!!!

~*~ Wish Me Luck! ~*~

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  1. Good Luck, this sounds like a lovely opportunity!! By the way; thanks for following me, I am your new follower now too!