Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Weekend!

Ok! so it's Wednesday already and I titled my post the weekend!! I have been running around like crazy the last couple of days...Not used to that! Most weeks I am home sitting on the couch! Yesterday I had to take Dakota to the vet so they could do a "blood curve". His sugar is still high, in the 500 range. He will have to go back in two weeks for another curve. He is still drinking water like crazy .... almost 3 gallons a day. Which I why I decided to write about the weekend.......well...actually Friday night.....
     Friday was pretty crappy here....rained off and on all day. It seemed like the dogs wanted to go out more than usual. So, Friday night around 9pm they wanted to go out again....Since it was wet and muddy, I thought I would hook them out, and wait for them on the porch. Like usual, Dakota started to pee right away....Daytona...forget it.....She had to walk around and around. So I started going..."Come on, baby...lets Pee...Come on, Baby, Pee....Come on, Baby!" and I kept saying it....All of a sudden I could hear to "streams of pee" .... Dakota was going, but Daytona wasn't. So, I started to look around....and there was some guy next door, peeing next to a car that was parked in the driveway.....I WANTED TO DIE!!!! I was so embarrassed!!! So, I started saying "Come on, Daytona, let's go, let's go pee!!" At that point, I just wanted her to hurry up so I could run back in the house!!!!!!
          The thing I want to know is....why was this man going outside??? Hello!!! this is the city!! this is 2010 we have indoor plumbing!!!! I can tell you one thing .....From now on, I will not be calling Daytona "Baby" when I put her outside to do her "business"!



  1. LOL!!! LOL!!! Maybe the guy was so hammered, he took a wrong turn at the bathroom and ended up outside! Or if he didn't actually live there, he could have been torked at whoever owned the car and decided to leave them a little token of his esteem? Too funny. At leat he didn't answer you back!

    I hope they can get Dakota stablized soon. Monkey goes back next week for his first blood sugar recheck, so we'll see. Don't you just wish sometimes that they could tell you how they feel?

    Good luck with Dakota. I'll be checking in for updates on him and on you too. Hope you're feeling a bit better about things. (although this rain sure sucks!) Have you thought of anything to help fill up your days a bit more? Take care,



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