~*~ Crafts ~*~

10/6   Finished another pair of socks and three scarves....need to take some pics!!! Decided over the weekend that for the craft fair, I want to make 50 pairs of socks, 50 scarves, 50 bracelets, and 50 rings.....that's a lot of work!!!! I really need to get working but I seriously can't tear myself away from the internet!!!

9/30  Finished another pair of scrunchy socks last night!! Not sure how many pairs I would need for a craft show....I think today I am going to start a scarf ... I had made one for myself last year out of this chunky baby yarn. I had received a lot of compliments on it wherever I went so maybe it would be a good seller!!!

 My current craft passions are crochet and jewelry making!!

I am crocheting super soft "scrunchy socks" out of angel hair yarn that I buy at Joann's. I started making them last year when I was wearing an extremely fashionable "black boot" when I had plantar faciitis. It was wintertime and I needed something to keep my foot and toes warm. I made these socks to match all my outfits and people went crazy for them! I made them for all the girls on my Christmas list. This year I started making them again in hopes of renting a table at a local craft fair. I don't really have confidence in myself to actually "sell" something I make, but I am getting a lot of encouragement so I think I might give it a shot!!!